Thomas Bernstrand + Lindau & Borselius 2015/2016

Honken är en generöst rymlig fåtölj som också fungerar som en intim tvåsitsig soffa, utförd i tålig plåt och sträckmetall med svarvade ben i massiv ek. Med hopp om att kunna bli en klassiker har formgivaren gett Honken alla förutsättningar att leva ett riktigt långt liv.

With a frame made of sturdy 30 mm tubing, a bottom plate of 6 mm steel and a sitting basket of expanded metal this frame is torsionally rigid and impact resistant and will survive even the toughest environments. And, when you give up, a new owner will take over, stretch out, put on a new coat of paint and sew new cushions. This also makes Honken a good environmental choice and upholds sustainable development. Honken is available in various versions; with a high or low back cushion and without a back cushion.

With the accessories Honken Workstation, the easy chair becomes its own little universe where one can relax and work alternately. Honken Workstation is ideal for schools, universities, libraries, hotels, offices and workplaces of all kinds.